Kordz 價格與規格

PRO HDMI Cables 商用系列

PRO HDMI is purpose engineered for robust domestic or commercial installations. The cable strain relief has been integrated into the rear flexi boot to ensure minimal mounting depth for installation ease. Boasting high quality construction & performance, with modest cosmetics for practical economy.
0.5m High Speed with EthernetPRO-HD00501,300
1m High Speed with EthernetPRO-HD01001,400
1.5m High Speed with EthernetPRO-HD01501,500
2m High Speed with EthernetPRO-HD02001,700
hdmi_pro3m High Speed with EthernetPRO-HD03002,300
5m High Speed with EthernetPRO-HD05003,500
7.5m Standard with EthernetPRO-HD07504,800
10m Standard with EthernetPRO-HD10006,000
12.5m Standard with EthernetPRO-HD12507,400
15m Standard with EthernetPRO-HD15008,800
20m Standard PRO-HD200011,600


PRS HDMI Cables 商用系列

The innovations in Kordz PRS were engineered to cater for commercial & custom AV installations, and not intended for repeated consumer use. The ProGripTM connectors provide 3kg of extraction force, triple that of ordinary HDMI connectors, for long term installations. Build quality is evidenced in the dark chrome plated die cast metal shells which have been minimised in size to fit through a 3/4" conduit, with the longer RED version containing Redmere's active solution for High Speed from 7.5m to 18m.
hdmi_prs0.5m High Speed with EthernetPRS-HD00502,200
1m High Speed with EthernetPRS-HD01002,400
1.5m High Speed with EthernetPRS-HD01502,800
2m High Speed with EthernetPRS-HD02003,100
3m High Speed with EthernetPRS-HD03004,200
5m High Speed with EthernetPRS-HD05006,000
7.5m High Speed with EthernetPRS-HD07509,000
10m High Speed with EthernetPRS-HD100012,000
12.5m High SpeedPRS-HD125014,000
15m High SpeedPRS-HD150016,000
18m High SpeedPRS-HD180018,800


EVO HDMI cables 家用系列

The entry Enthusiast model, EVO offers a truly stunning balance of performance, build quality, longevity and economy. In the shorter lengths, it offers unrivalled shallow mounting depth thanks to its ultra-thin flat cable geometry. Featuring a combination of supreme design and materials, EVO delivers High Speed up to 5m, and maintains support for Full HD 1080p right up to 15m.
hdmi_evo1m High SpeedEVO-HDMI-012,400
2m High SpeedEVO-HDMI-023,000
3m High Speed with EthernetEVO-HD03003,800
5m High Speed with EthernetEVO-HD05005,300
7.5m Standard with EthernetEVO-HD07507,700
10m Standard with EthernetEVO-HD100010,000
12.5m Standard with EthernetEVO-HD125011,800
15m Standard with EthernetEVO-HD150014,200


EVS HDMI cables 家用系列 Silver 2%

Kordz EVS HDMI offers a step-up over EVO, with larger gauge silver plated main conductors for greater data accuracy, lower jitter and further improved PCM & HD Audio dynamics. EVS maintains the trademark Kordz flexibility and securely fitting connectors for those tight spaces behind the AV system & TV. Supports all 3D formats, HDMI Ethernet Channel & Audio Return, with genuine High Speed compliance in all lengths.
hdmi_evs0.5m High Speed with EthernetEVS-HDMI-005E3,000
1m High Speed with EthernetEVS-HDMI-01E3,500
2m High Speed with EthernetEVS-HDMI-02E4,500
3m High Speed with EthernetEVS-HDMI-03E5,600
5m High Speed with EthernetEVS-HD05008,400
7m High Speed with EthernetEVS-HDMI-07E11,900
10m High Speed with EthernetEVS-HDMI-10E14,500
12.5m High SpeedEVS-HDMI-1218,000


EVX HDMI cables 家用系列 Sliver 7%

Kordz multi-award winning EVX HDMI cable offers stunning performance for the true enthusiast, engineered for use with high end devices. Featuring larger gauge extra deep silver plated (7% by volume) solid copper conductors, flat cable profile for multi-channel linearity, and terminated with the SureFitTM die cast 24k gold plated connectors for 2kg extraction force, all combining to deliver the lowest digital jitter & skew accuracy in its class.
hdmi_evx0.5m High Speed with EthernetEVX-HD00504,900
1m High Speed with EthernetEVX-HDMI-01E5,900
2m High Speed with EthernetEVX-HD02008,000
3m High Speed with EthernetEVX-HD030010,000
5m High Speed with EthernetEVX-HDMI-05E15,000
7m High Speed with EthernetEVX-HDMI-07E22,300
10m High Speed with EthernetEVX-HDMI-10E29,500


LUX HDMI cables 家用系列 Sliver 12% 鈀金接頭

The Kordz LUX Ultimate HDMI cable employs the best engineering, materials and production processes to create an interconnect that honours its namesake for benchmark performance - purist video, rich blacks and stunning HD Audio. The LUX HDMI cable is endorsed by Mr Joseph Kane, designed especially to pair with premium audio visual devices, system design and calibration for the ultimate home cinema experience.
hdmi_lux0.5m High Speed with EthernetLUX-HD00508,800
1m High Speed with EthernetLUX-HD010011,200
1.5m High Speed with EthernetLUX-HD015013,200
2m High Speed with EthernetLUX-HD020015,800
3m High Speed with EthernetLUX-HD030020,500
5m High Speed with EthernetLUX-HD050031,000
7.5m High Speed with EthernetLUX-HD075045,000
10m High Speed with EthernetLUX-HD100058,000